House - 001

“House – 001” 30 m²

Manrohouse is building and delivering a small square (30 m2) frame house in response to the currently particularly popular needs.

The set includes a bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom – fully meets the above needs.

The 30m2 house is assembled in the factory and delivered to the site fully equipped with full exterior and interior decoration, plumbing and lighting. There is a hot water boiler and heating. Integrated furniture and necessary household appliances.
The finished house is delivered to the site. Once connected to external communications, you can live in it right away.
It is easily transported to any location.


Metal construction ring.
Tight and warm wooden frame construction with mineral wool filling.
The floor is insulated 250 mm.
The walls are insulated 200 mm.
The roof is insulated 250 mm.
Facade – natural, burnt thermal wood.
Roof – flat, bituminous coating (possible terrace on the roof).
Can drainage system mounted on the wall of the house (no external downpipes).
Window and door construction – plastic, 7 chambers.
Glass package of 3 glasses, frame in 2 colors (graphite on the outside, white on the inside).
Exterior door lock.
Interior decoration – Painted GKP, floor – PVC laminate.
Bathroom decoration – stone tiles, ceiling – painted GKP.
Bathroom equipment: Modern washbasin, new design, Clean On (without edging around the toilet) WC, concealed faucet, mirror with lighting function, towel dryer, washing machine.
Plumbing pipelines.
Shower area with glass partition and modern concealed faucet set.
Modern washbasin with concealed faucet.
80 liter electric water heater.
Modern kitchen set with: refrigerator, electric oven, hob, hood, dishwasher, washbasin.
Electrical input, installation, switches, sockets, luminaires, alarm.
Port for connecting a heating and ventilation unit.
Wooden stairs to the bedroom area.
Bedroom furniture: Wardrobe.
Modern LED lighting around the ceiling.
Outdoor lighting.


Our team builds frame houses only from the northern regions, the best structural softwood: C24, calibrated, graded, 1 mm error. Dried in specialized dryers, even during a long period of operation will not change its properties, will not deform, will not be attacked by pests, will not mold, will not swell. We also use other materials only of the highest quality.

Thermal insulation:

Paroc stone wool Ultra Flexible Slap is used to insulate the house. These are non-combustible, versatile stone wool panels that effectively insulate against heat and sound. It is a universal insulation for heat, sound and fire protection.


Yakisugi wood burning technique stands out for its durability, making it a great choice for home exterior elements. This method of wood preparation has been tested for many centuries in a Japanese climate rich in both semi-tropical and northern climates.
You’ve probably noticed that the farther you go inside and out, the more often you return to naturalness. Burning wood fulfills the aspect of naturalness, but the aesthetic vision of the project is not forgotten either. Burning wood reveals completely unique patterns and textures, ensures protection of wood from external factors (fire, water, insects). This is not only a visually interesting, but also a very practical solution (which is often difficult to reconcile). To ensure all the properties of burnt wood and maintain the original image for as long as possible, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the surface with natural oils. In this way, the facade of burnt wood can last up to 100 years.
Burnt wood is an exclusive material that will give the facade of the house a refined image.

Windows and doors:

1. Profile system: L1-L7: Kommerling 88 MD (7 chamber) windows. LD8: Kommerling 88 (7-chamber) doors.
2. Profile color: Anthrazitgrau 16 exterior
3. Glazing:
L1, L3-L6: 4PU / 18/4/18 / 4PU (Two-chamber with selective Etna, Ug = 0.5)
BD2: 4 * GR * PU / 18/4/18 / 4GR * PU (Two-chamber with two selective and hardened, Ug = 0.53) /
4PU / 18/4/18 / 4PU (Dual chamber with selective Etna, Ug = 0.5)
L7: 4 * PU / 18 / 4MAT / 18/4 * PU (Dual chamber with two selections and Matte, Ug = 0.6)
LD8: 48mm plastic plate 7016 / white, Ug = 0.5
4. Locks:
L1-L7: SIEGENIA Favorit Basic safety.
LD8: with rollers from handle lock, Door handle RAL8019 white / RAL7016 Anthrazitgrau, Door
hinges HTB-BRILLANT-3D RAL7016 gray.
5. Tabs: Glass tab. inside white / 7016 25mm
6. L1, L3: 88605: H “clutch”;
7. BD2 with patio door latch and handle.


Tel. +370 628 58269

Vilniaus pl. 8, Klaipėda LT-94105, Lithuania


Company code: 305141463
IBAN: LT 317180500037467989
Bank code: 71800 AB Šiaulių bankas

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