Our company designs, assembles, installs and delivers wooden houses to your plot in any location.

About Manrohouse


Tense rhythm and lack of time – we want a place where we can escape and turn our gaze to the picturesque horizon,
we would find an opportunity to beat ourselves. But in these times of comfort, a poetic landscape alone is not enough.
Inevitably, full rest will require space for sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.

Manrohouse is building and delivering a small square (30 m2) frame house in response to the currently particularly popular needs.

Our services

We build panel, a-frame houses according to the customer’s wishes. We design, manufacture, deliver, assemble. We work in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.


We offer our typical projects. We flexibly modify and adapt them. Also we can create a custom project of any complexity.


We organize the construction process from the preparation of the plot to the installation of partial or full finishing.


We deliver a fully built and equipped house to your plot anywhere in Lithuania or in another country.

Preliminary production price

Our contacts

The ManroHouse team are professionals with many years of experience in the construction of wooden houses, offices and summer houses in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.


Tel. +370 628 58 269

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We listen to customers' visions and planned construction budgets.
The construction process is carried out according to a pre-agreed budget and schedules.

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