About Us

About Manrohouse


Manrohouse is a strong young team with solid experience in the finishing and construction sector, whose goal is to provide the customer with only a quality product.
The Manrohouse panel house project is based on the idea that living comfortably and beautifully is possible everywhere and does not require a huge house and investment.

We build warm and airtight frame houses in Klaipeda county from high-quality certified graded wood. We design. We manufacture and install. Introducing.

We listen to customer visions and planned construction budgets. The construction process is carried out according to a pre-agreed budget and schedules.


How we build

We offer our typical projects. We flexibly modify and adapt them. We create individual projects.

We listen to customer visions and planned construction budgets.

We organize the construction process from the preparation of the plot to the installation of partial finishing.

Quality guarantee

Manrohouse guarantees quality.

  • We use only high-quality, certified and graded wood.
  • We ensure A + class requirements.
  • We prepare house projects by applying SIP or frame construction.
  • We sign warranty obligations and contracts.
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